sábado, 4 de setembro de 2010

Do significado de "Rentrée politica"

"The year not begin in January. Every french person knows that. The year really begins on the first monday of September.
This is when Parisians get back to their desks afther their month-long holiday and begin working out where thei'll go for the mid-term break in November.
It's also when every french project, from a new hairdo to a nuclear power station, gets under way, wich is why, at 9am on the first monday of September, i was standing a hundred yards from the Champs-Élysées wathching people kissing."

In "A year in the merd" de Stephen Clarke

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Elsa Costa disse...

Para mim o ano também começa em Setembro...este ano mesmo a sério será na 2ª segunda-feira de Setembro :)